Planning Board Seeks Input on Zoning Changes

Upcoming Meetings

Press Release

Planning Board Considers Changes

The Planning Board (PB) is looking for public input to several possible Zoning changes and adjustments to both the Andover and Cilleyville Village Districts. The PB has been in general conversations surrounding commercial and housing growth for the town, consistent with our desire to maintain the rural atmosphere while recognizing the need to provide opportunities for the town to grow and fulfill the town’s Master Plan’s priorities.

With that in mind, a series of public meetings will be scheduled. A presentation approach will be offered to show some thoughts under discussion. These will be discussion points, not finalized plans and the PB wants and needs your insights as residents. All of us have a vested interest in properly and thoughtfully moving the town forward. We are sure several meetings will be needed as various thoughts and ideas are gathered and explored.

The upcoming PB meetings will take place 7 to 9 PM in the Town Hall meeting room on: November 13 & 27, December 11, and January 8 & 22.  Please mark your calendars. The PB will post notifications well in advance with the times and dates. Details can also be found on the Town’s Web-site:
The PB will guide the meetings with available maps and open discussion.

The PB welcomes your participation and attendance. We anticipate good ideas coming forward and from residents, business owners, Proctor and other town boards, committees and commissions. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.