Proctor Students to Write for Beacon

By Peter Southworth


Proctor’s first full year journalism class is fortunate to have the support of Editor Steve Foley of the Beacon to develop their writing skills and gain a wider audience for their writing.  In September, Steve came to talk with the class about production of our town paper, ideas for writing, and how Proctor students might contribute.

As an elective class in the English Department, the sixteen students’ focus is planning, interviews, and writing. The class, with help from the Proctor Communications department, produces The Hornet’s Nest, a collection of feature articles every three weeks.

Most students are pleased to have a new challenge and welcome the principles of “Keep your article clear, engaging, and concise.”  Writing an intriguing lead, including quotes or statistics, and shedding light on the Proctor or Andover communities is a big challenge that will hopefully help students write effectively for college, business, and the world beyond high school.

We hope the perspective of Proctor’s students will add to the impressive work that the many volunteers and town members put into writing, taking photographs, and publishing the Andover Beacon. If you have ideas for articles you’d like Proctor Journalism students to tackle, contact Steve Foley.  Thanks in advance for reading