Thank You

By Ken Wells

To the people of Andover, Danbury and Salisbury,
Thank you so much for electing me to represent our towns in the New Hampshire House of Representatives!
I’d especially want to thank all of you who took time to help me understand your real concerns about our rising property taxes, about the state’s downshifting of expenses onto our towns.The state legislature’s underfunding our schools, cutting municipal workers’ pensions and neglecting infrastructure (such as bridges and high-speed internet) is undermining future economic growth and prosperity in our rural towns.
A special thank you to Louise Andrus for being a worthy opponent who ran a classy campaign. In just a few moments of conversation with Louise, she and I realized that we agree in large part what the most important local problems are in our towns, and that we differed only about how we would solve them.
Finally, I thank all the people who took part in the biggest midterm election in NH history, no matter how they cast their ballot. Showing their dedication to their ideals, making the effort to come out in spite of the cold and rain, is how we as Americans make our democracy work. I am so proud of all of you!

I promise to try my hardest to represent the best interests of everyone in our towns, regardless of how you voted. I plan to continue Mario Ratzki’s and David Karrick’s tradition of submitting “Reports from Concord” in the pages of the Beacon, so everyone can know what is being discussed in the legislature. Please share with me your thoughts or concerns about local issues. I welcome you to call me at 735-5756 or to email me at
Ken Wells