Conservation Commission Final Minutes, 10/10/18

By Mary Anne Broshek

Present: Tina Cotton, Mary Anne Broshek, Jerry Hersey, Jesse Schust

Notice of ASLPT Annual Meeting.
Notice of NHACC Annual Conference (Jesse and Mary Anne plan to attend).
NHDES emergency authorization confirmation to town of Andover, NH, for Kearsarge Mountain Road over Mountain Brook.
Minutes: Jerry made a motion to approve the September minutes with minor changes.  Jesse seconded and all were in favor.
Tina made a motion to approve the minutes from the Special Meeting on October 3rd, concerning the Elbow Pond culvert repair with minor changes.  Jerry seconded and all were in favor.
ASLPT: ASLPT is holding their Annual Meeting on Sunday October 28th.  There will be space on the Outreach Committee for an Andover resident with an interest in land conservation.
Monitoring: Jerry will: 1) contact Jim McKenna to  review the questions on the LCHIP monitoring form; 2) determine if an additional site visit is needed and; 3) send the completed form with Derek’s write up and photos to Steve Walker.  Jerry will also check with Jim McKenna to see if he will give his approval for a drone monitoring and notify Jesse of his response.
Bog Pond:  Jesse will continue to pursue the purchase of wetland markers and posts to mark the mapped boundary.  He will be talking with the state prison about custom signage and posts. Mary Anne made a motion to increase the amount allocated for posts, markers and other materials for the project to an amount up to $450.  Jesse seconded and all were in favor. The posts will be six feet tall and the signs will be aluminium and say “Protected Wetland”. Jesse will secure a post pounder and advise members when marking work is to be done.  Jesse will ask if Birdseye View can do some aerial photography of Bog Pond for the CC.
Forestry: Jerry contacted Forester Tim Wallace to notify him of the September 26th site visit of the Verizon site.  Jesse and Jerry met with Tim at the site visit and talked about which trees were likely to be saved. The process described in the Forestry Easement deed must be followed if trees in the protected area are cut.  Jerry will discuss with Randall Costa. Jerry will postpone forestry workshop idea until spring.
Co-occurrence Map: Jesse will send Mary Anne contact information for Elizabeth Harper of the Wilmot Conservation Commission.  She has experience working on the co-occurrence map for Wilmot. Mary Anne will contact Laura Sykes and Alan will continue to contact Harvey Pine.
Presentation Feedback:
Climate Change event at Proctor Stone Chapel on October 4th, organized by Alan.  This event was excellent and the audience was very attentive.
Water Quality and Andover Lakes presentation, October 6th, organized by Mary Anne.  This was very well attended and there was lots of interest. Mary Anne will send out the power point presentation and other applicable information to attendees
There will be a presentation about bats on October 11th, organized by Alan.  Vicky has updated the town sign for this.
Eversource Update: Signs for the SRKG trail diversion have been put up.  
Bradley Lake Update: We discussed the ongoing concerns about logging and land use of property around Bradley Lake.  The Reiner Trustees have made a decision to deny vehicular access via the private road that runs through their property.  The Reiner Trustees have stated their wish that the Andover community members, lake property owners and those who wish to protect the lake work together to develop mutually beneficial solutions that meet the preservation principles that are the core of the Reiner conservation easement.  We also reviewed Eric Reiner’s letter to “People who Love Bradley Lake” that set forth many of those principles whichare based on his love of the lake and it surroundings.

Workload: Mary Anne indicated that volunteers are needed for assistance with financial work preparing invoices, checking on current use deposits, year end financial reports for Town Report  and presentation to budget committee. Volunteers are needed for set up of CC bulletin board in the Town Hall lobby and also to locate the CC maps and work with Larry Chase to locate the list of maps and ensure that everything is accounted for.  Jesse has offered to help find the maps.
Budget: Mary Anne made a motion that we ask for next year’s budget to be $1000 as usual, and add $300 for monitoring of the Verizon cell tower by a forester.  Jerry seconded and all were in favor.
Other Business:
Jerry has been sworn in as a renewed member of the CC.  Mary Anne’s swearing in is pending. We have one slot for an additional CC member.  We are looking at some potential people to fill this. We also have a space available for an alternate member.
Tina made a motion to adjourn, Jerry seconded and all were in favor.
Meeting adjourned at 9:16