Elbow Pond Road Bridge

By M J Mishcon, MD

To the editor

I serve as the medical director for both the New Hampshire Veteran’s Home  and the Peabody Home (a charity nursing home in Franklin). I also make house calls, do home hospice, and serve a large number of former  state school residents. I live on Elbow Pond Road. I leave for work very early in order to meet the needs of the facility clients I serve.

It is important to reopen the Elbow Pond Road bridge as soon as possible in  order to allow me alternate access in case bad weather closes Old College Road.

I see the note from Mr. Bardsley and Mr Prokosch (both of whom I greatly  respect). In response to their question re emergency; a storm just closed Elbow Pond  Road. I hope we can use that as a warning to act before a crisis occurs.

Thank you
M. J. Mishcon, MD