Andover Conservation Commission Minutes, November 14, 2018

By Alan D McIntyre

Andover Conservation Commission


November 14, 2018 Minutes

Present: Alan McIntyre, Jenny Bodwell, Jerry Hersey, Tina Cotton, Mary Anne Broshek, Jesse Schust

Minutes Alan made the motion to approve the October minutes after minor revisions were made, Jerry seconded the motion.
NH Association of Conservation Commissions (NHACC) Newsletter informed us about their work over the past year, with a request to renew membership and an invitation to the November 3 conference
Elbow Pond Culvert – NHDES notice advising Conservation Commission of permit application and need to advise DES immediately if CC wants to intervene.  The CC met with BOS members and the environmental contractor regarding this project on October 3.
Invitation to ASLPT Holiday Party- 12/3
ASLPT Update –
ASLPT sponsored Conservation Commission Chairpersons Meeting featured a presentation about how to improve communication between agencies like planning boards, land trusts and conservation commissions.  As a result, Mary Anne has requested that the Planning board and Board of Selectmen consider the following:
A) The building permit form be revised to include a check off  list to show that the restrictions of a
conservation easement are reviewed before a building permit is issued.
B) The abutter notification list be revised to include the land trust (for Andover this would either be ASLPT
or SPNHF) or if the town holds the easement,  the Conservation Commission. This would allow the
Land Trust or CC to comment on the impact of the proposed action since they have been given a legal
interest in the land.
There are two state law citations that back up this request:  RSA 477:47 which states that a conservation
easement creates a legal interest in real estate and RSA 672:3 which defines an abutter as any person
whose property is located in NH and adjoins or is directly across the street or stream from the land under
The Andover case study on beaver deceivers was shared at the meeting as well. The case study revealed that over 30 years, Andover using beaver deceivers would save $460,000 due to flood prevention and wash out issues. Other issues discussed were ATVs, and wetland buffers.
Jesse will be joining the ASLPT Outreach Committee as Nan’s replacement.

Beaver Deceivers

The case study mentioned above is posted on the bulletin board in the Town Office lobby.  We received a new decision from NHDES that wetland permits are required when installing a beaver deceiver.  New legislation, HB 1343, will clarify that a wetlands permit is not required if the beaver deceiver is installed without using machinery.
Jerry completed the questionnaire portion of the Newman/McKenna easement monitoring which will be sent to Steve Walker at State Planning along with the write-up of Derek’s site visit.
Jerry was able to get permission from Jim McKenna to allow a drone for monitoring his 700 acre easement. Jesse will look into to getting approval for drone use for monitoring Bog Pond.
Tina emphasized need to get digital copies of photos/maps.
Conserved Lands Database
Alan was able to exchange emails with Derek Mansell to get the updated chart of all the conserved lands in Andover. Mary Anne will send out digital copies (found on a shared google drive database) as well as, print versions to the Planning Board and the ACC members before the end of November. Alan will manage any updates to the chart.
Bog Pond
We moved closer to a decision on a specific wetlands markers,  for the prime wetland that is on Town property adjacent to Bog Pond. We have hopes to purchase the signs and install them by early spring with help from volunteers from Proctor Academy.
Bradley Lake
We discussed the need and feasibility of looking at town and/or water district owned lakefront property, and Bradley Lake watershed backlots for consideration for conservation easements. Mary Anne has advised Vicky Mishcon of this idea and also pursue with Mike Vercelotti.
After hearing a few complaints of speeding trucks, from residents on Kearsarge Mt Rd.,  Jesse made a site visit to one of the Eversource transmission lines construction sites. Jesse discovered some larger incursions for road building to the work area than expected. He expressed some worry about stone wall dismantling that has occurred for cribbing set up.  Using satellite maps, Jesse also determined that the road was not in the location that was described to the CC. Jesse noted that Eversource did a superb job in improving water erosion issues that were occurring along Dawes Road

Jesse and Alan will be investigating and will contact Lydia Morton at Eversource. Look for photos on the ACC website.
Verizon has marked the trees they intend to cut.  During the site visit in the fall it appeared that Verizon planned to cut trees within the forest buffer zone.  The Forest Easement Buffer agreement states “if Verizon has a concern about a tree outside the Verizon Access area, Verizon shall notify the Selectboard and Verizon shall undertake no cutting of trees and branches outside the Verizon Access Area without the written prior approval of the Andover Selectboard or its designee.” Concerns about following the plan and process for tree cutting notification were discussed. Verizon must follow procedures and be held accountable in order to keep agreements honest and true.
Conservation Fund
We had discussion about the “revenues collected” line item for the current use land penalty tax for the Conservation Fund.  Mary Anne has asked the Town Office to review the research.
NHACC 11/3 Conference- Mary Anne and Jesse attended the NH Association of Conservation Commissions conference. They found the conference informative and helpful. Topics like grants, wetlands protection, conservation commission action and education, and disused sandpits as conservation habitat instead of reclamation were discussed.
Co-occurrence map
Jesse is currently trying to locate the laminated co-occurrence map, which is thought to be somewhere in the Town Hall. Mary Anne will reach out to Dan Sunquist as a potential consultant to update the map overlays.  Tina and Jesse will search for the DVD of the last update.
Workload issues
Alan has volunteered to manage and edit the ACC bulletin board in the town hall lobby.
December meeting canceled
Alan made a motion to cancel the December meeting in lieu of the holiday season, unless an urgent matter is required for us to meet. Jesse seconded the motion and all approved.
Website Progress
Website is up and running but not linked to the town website. If readers of the minutes want to explore the website the address is here:

Alan has had no success in linking the ACC website to the town site on his own. He will seek help from Elita Reed.
Other Business
Jenny Bodwell attended the meeting and has declared her interest in joining the Conservation Commission.  Jenny has a sound background in environmental services and members voted to nominate her as a new member.
Newest links on to the ACC website are: NHDES Lake Information Mapper and VLAP’s annual report on Highland Lake can be found in the Lakes and Pond section – found HERE:
It can also be accessed on the NHDES website at:
Proctor Academy community service team did some trail work on the Fenvale lands. The Proctor Academy Conservation Ecology course will continue the work and use the land as an outdoor classroom for doing track identification classes.  Photos of the work can be found HERE:
Mary Anne made the motion to adjourn, and was seconded by Jerry. Meeting ended at 9:10pm
Alan D. McIntyre
Science Faculty & Environmental Program Coordinator
Proctor Academy
cell: 603.748.0557