Thanks for the Walk Down Memory Lane

By Barbara Rising Hayes

To the Editor:
I lived in East Andover until I left for college and enjoy following the
changes in the town in the Andover Beacon, however, I especially enjoy
articles about the history of Andover, such as the doings from 50 years ago
and Rita Norander’s histories.  Imagine my delight when I opened my February
Beacon to discover Karin Joyce Forsberg’s “Memoir of Childhood in East
Andover.” I felt as if I was the guest on “This Is Your Life” as she
recounts tales of our friendship and the school, people, and places of our

Joyce and I shared a love of horses and spent many hours ‘riding’ our
imaginary horses around the neighborhood. Actually, getting to ride Blue
Blaze was a highlight of those days. I tried my best to be nearby when the
Thompson girls saddled him up in the hopes that they would offer me a ride.
I appreciate the kindness they showed to us horse-crazy children.
My thanks to you and to Joyce for the walk down memory lane. It is nice to
learn more about her family history, as well. I look forward eagerly to the
next installment.
Barbara Rising Hayes
63 Hayes Rd.
Barrington, NH 03825