AE/MS Second Grade Annual Heart Healthy Valentine Restaurant Held

Second graders held their annual (over 12 years now) Heart Healthy Valentine Restaurant at AE/MS.  They enthusiastically served the third graders to reward them for performing the duty the year before, and invited the staff of the school to eat at the restaurant or ‘do take-out’.  The record breaking $347.00 that was raised will be donated to the New Start Program in Concord to benefit the homeless. This was the decision of the 20 second graders, who voted 15/20 to donate their money to the homeless this year.  Not only do the students study nutrition and what makes a healthy heart (good nutrition, sleep and exercise), but they also learn the meaning of the words GENEROUS and SELFLESS. This applies to the second graders’ parents, too. They provided the delicious healthy food and recipes for our restaurant with the help of their children.  Thank you to everyone for making this fun event a success!