Andover Service Club Invites New Members

By Mary Ofenloch

For 60 years, dedicated women from Andover and surrounding communities have been working together to be of service to the community they love. When the ASC was formed, and in all of the years thereafter, women of all ages and backgrounds decided to raise funds for local organizations who work to benefit the residents socially, educationally, and economically. The women became close friends, and today, as new members arrive, new friends are made. Many of the women have been members for years and are looking forward to rest and relaxation. Others have developed physical ailments which prevent them from working as they used to. Raising funds for the ASC Merit Scholarships is the primary mission of the ASC.

Being an ASC member is not just work with no fun. We enjoy each other’s company; our meetings are social as well as business, with a different program each month. These programs are educational, informative, and entertaining.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month from September through June at 10 AM in the Highland Lake Grange Hall.  Most members are active, meaning they volunteer at the ASC Thrift Shop or bake cakes, pies, breads, etc for the bake sales that happen throughout the year; the ladies volunteer to work at the October art & craft show.

Some members cannot attend meetings because they have jobs, so we also have inactive members, who pay yearly dues – $10 per year – and help whenever they are available.

So, if you are a new resident and would like to meet new friends, or if you are retired with some time on your hands, come join us. If your children are grown and do not need mom to watch over them, come join us. We hope to continue working for the betterment of our community for another 60 years, which means we need you! Come and join us! We will welcome you with open arms.  


FYI – You need not be an Andover Resident to be an ASC member. There are members from several surrounding communities.