Think White Water Park

By Judith Ackerson

I would like to clarify that the Whitewater Park is not a plastic slide, amusement park.  It is whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Winnipesaukee River that rapidly makes its way into downtown Franklin, and we are fortunate to have this resource.

While families may be drawn to Franklin for the water park, they will also extend their vacation beyond Franklin.  Due to the beautiful bike/walking trails that spring from our city, vacationers can visit places far and near. Picture dad or mom coming for the thrill of running the river while the other parent takes the kids on a biking adventure, or the whole family hits the trails with a trip through Andover (stay at a B & B); maybe even as far as Lebanon.  Perhaps they’ll head south to Concord and visit the State House and NH Museum, or east toward Laconia. No matter where they go, they will need food and lodging; free to stop at any community for their needs.

It would be short-sighted to deny this community the opportunity to expand their economic base, while at the same time denying the State of New Hampshire its share of revenue.  Supporting this park will help feed all communities throughout New Hampshire by creating another reason to visit our state, spend time with us, and spend money with us, thus increasing revenues for the entire state through increased economic activity.