New Horizons Hair Changes Hands

Meghan Barton takes over July 1

By Mary Meier, New Horizons Hair

As a salon owner, change is always in the air. Hair styles evolve with fashion, and as a stylist this is important. You need to keep things current!  I have been a cosmetologist for over 37 years, and have been a salon owner for almost 18 years. I have always said that this is a great profession for me. I love working with people, and making them feel better, but I always told myself that when it is not “fun” anymore, it is time to do something different. Now is that time for me.  Although I am not sure where my path will take me right now, I know that I need to try something new. I love the business; it has provided me with wealth and happiness.

Starting July 1, 2019, Meghan Barton will be the new owner of New Horizons Hair.  My last day in the salon will be June 27, 2019. Meghan will be here to take care of all your hair care needs, and she will have someone here on her team that will help with that process. Today as I write this to you, we don’t yet know who that person will be.  For those that schedule far in advance, your appointments will be canceled after June 27, 2019. You will need to call the salon and reschedule them with Meghan or her new team member.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. Please know I have enjoyed each and every one of you on our “Hair Adventure” together.  Call us if you have any questions.