Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, April 23, 2019

By Nancy Teach

Condensed from approved minutes

:Planning Board Minutes – Approved   April 23, 2019
Members Present: Nancy Teach, Chair, Art Urie, Doug Phelps, Randy Monti and Dave Blinn

Also present: Pat Moyer, Planning & Zoning Administrator; John Ferris representing Proctor Academy; Bill Stack, representing Steve Smith & Associates

Minutes of April 9, 2019
Vote – Unanimous to approve as amended

Announcements / Correspondence
1. Teach received an email from Paul Currier pertaining to motor vehicle junkyard description to consider as a regulation in the Zoning Ordinance
2. Teach, Monti, Moyer, Phelps of the Planning Board and Jon Hodgson of the Zoning Board of Adjustment will attend the Planning and Zoning Conference to be held June 1, 2019.
3. The Shoreline Protection for an ordinance to be addressed Conservation Committee.

Public Hearing – Proctor Academy, 204 Main Street, Tax Map 18, Lot 840,096 for a Site Plan Review for their Outdoor Lodge.
Teach opened the public hearing at 7:15 PM.  Stack and Ferris presented their plan. The building will be located near the ice hockey rink on the site of and behind the former firehouse.  Some changes include the addition of a high drive on the north side of the building giving access to the second floor; the previously planned rear stairwell will be relocated to the inside on the front wall; the rear retaining wall will be moved slightly back to fit the mechanical equipment.  Landscape planting is indicated on the plan that was presented. There will be one rain garden on each side of the building and the front of the building will have rain gutters. An AOT Storm water Permit has been received and a storm water to groundwater permit is still needed from the state. Water will be available at the tie-in to the hockey rink and the sewer will be out front going to a new septic tank and will tie into the hockey rink septic. Electric, phone and data will be accessed directly from the transformer pad near the hockey rink.  The propane tank will be relocated. The fire chief was emailed and he is satisfied with the plan but wants to see the fire sprinkler design. The roof pitch and height was changed and Proctor will not need to go before the Zoning Board of Adjustment for a height variance approval. All lighting will be down lighting located under the porch cover at the entrances. There will be no stand-alone light posts. Monti asked if there will be any solar. The response was that Revision Energy has been contacted and there are plans to install solar. A demo permit was received and plans are to start demolishing Wednesday, April 24, 2019.   The Site Plan Review application was reviewed and deemed complete at a prior meeting. There being no further discussion, the public hearing was closed at 7:50 PM. Urie made a motion to approve the Site Plan Review. Phelps seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of approving the Site Plan Review.

Reports of Board Members
Report  Blinn for the Selectboard: The board is working on the appointed Road Agent as a long range plan. And the bridge on Last Street has been completed.
Teach – Chair report: Planning Board Priorities were reviewed. And the Village Zone revamp needs to be brought forth and discussed again for 2020 town meeting.

There being no further discussion, meeting  adjourned at 8:50 PM. Submitted by, Lisa Meier,