Andover High School Reunion

Calling All AHS Alumni!

By Judy Perreault, Class of '53

The Andover High School alumni will be meeting at the Andover Elementary/Middle School this year on Saturday, July 6, 2019 at 10:00 AM.  The renovations are complete and it will be a good time to see what has been done. The school is handicap accessible.

Anyone who attended AHS  for any amount of time is welcome.  We will visit, tour the school, and take class pictures in the morning. The  pot luck lunch will be around noon. Bring a beverage and a main dish or dessert to share.   There are metal folding chairs at the school. If you want something more comfortable bring it with you.

From the 1950 issue of The Blue and White Banner (our school paper):

To The Seniors                                                          1950 Hit Parade
We stand here to salute you                                      1. Slipping Around
We who’ll someday go your way                              2. Peter Cotton Tail
And we pause and find we want to                           3. Daddy’s Little Girl
For alas, but yesterday,                                              4. The Wedding Samba
You as children, thought as children,                        5. The Call of The Wild Goose
Loved to romp, but not to care.                                 6. Beyond The Sunset
Now you go to meet your brethren                            7. Chattanooga Shoo Shine Boy
Blessed be the load you bear                                      8. Jealous Heart
by Stephen Lemear ’52                                               9. Have I Told You Lately That
                                                                                         I Love You
                                                                                  10. Sentimental Me
                                                                                 Any of these sound familiar?