An Invitation from The Andover Community Hub

Press Release

To our Andover friends and neighbors,

Could your business or organization benefit from having a presence — either full-time or on an occasional basis — in an historic building in the center of Andover, fronting on State Route 11 and U.S. Route 4?  If yes, please read on.

As you likely know, Andover’s old town hall, built in 1879 and located at 157 Main Street, was purchased in late 2016 by a small group of local residents, with the goal of returning it to its original function as a community resource.  Now known as The Andover Community Hub, and with 501(c)(3) non-profit status, the building is currently “open for business” with several fitness-related classes, crafts groups, clubs and organizations, and others using space, and with expressions of interest by a variety of other community groups and small businesses.

To learn how much additional interest exists among local businesses and organizations, we’re extending this invitation to you:  Come visit us, on Wednesday, June 12, at any time between 10 and 3 PM, to take a look at the space and discuss your thoughts about joining this community effort — either by making use of the property, or by other means of support. If you can’t make it then, send us a note at, and we’ll arrange a more convenient time.

Layout of the main floor and stage area is shown above.  As you can see, the main area is currently divided into ten offices ranging in size from 150 to 225 square feet, so multiple uses for both fulltime and occasional occupancy can be accommodated.  If larger spaces are needed, the current layout can be altered with relative ease.

In addition, there’s a former dance studio (upper right in drawing) measuring roughly 25 by 40 feet, with locker facilities and a changing room below, and a separate entrance to provide direct access to the area.  There’s also unfinished space on the second floor. The facility is not universally accessible, although plans for first-floor access are in the works.

If you need further information before visiting The Community Hub, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address above, or check out our website at

Thanks very much.  Hope to see you on June 12.  

Deb Brower      Paul Currier  Pat Cutter Gisela and Steve Darling

Jay Fitzpatrick      Susan and Larry Chase      Grace Schust

Board of Directors