Franklin VNA & Hospice Welcomes Newest Volunteers

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Franklin VNA & Hospice Welcomes Newest Volunteers

On Wednesday, after six weeks of intensive training that covered everything from the hospice philosophy to non-medical ways to assist clients. Franklin VNA & Hospice held a quiet ceremony to celebrate the hard work of its four newest volunteers and to recognize the commitment each of them has made to the Hospice program.

Now that they’ve completed the program, they will join the rest of the volunteers in helping to provide comfort, strength, and understanding to Hospice patients and their caregivers.
Longtime hospice volunteer, Rebecca Herr, is featured on Franklin VNA & Hospice’s Facebook page in a video speaking about the challenges and benefits of becoming a hospice volunteer, and in a series of shorter videos on their website

It’s clear that the act of being present for a hospice patient, as the volunteers do, allows the patient to reminisce about their life and decide what their legacy will be. Herr notes that some patients need an objective listener and that the volunteer can be someone the patient can say things to that they couldn’t tell a family member or friend.

She also knows that developing a therapeutic relationship takes time, a reminder that people often approach hospice care late into a life-limiting illness, and so miss out on the six months or longer they could have been receiving all the benefits of Hospice, including a volunteer.
Tobias Nyatsambo, Hospice Chaplain and Volunteer Coordinator states, “The volunteer becomes an integral part of the Care Team. Their insights help guide care, and their presence helps support the hospice patient and loved ones in a uniquely valuable way, different from nurses, therapists, or aids.”

The program itself is unique, taking place at Peabody Home, where volunteers new to working alongside the elderly can interact positively with the residents there as they move through the training and gain the skills they need to work with those on Hospice. From the length of the training to the opportunities to build skills, it’s clear the Franklin VNA & Hospice values their volunteers, and soon the patients receiving hospice care from them will receive the benefits.
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