Lots of Excitement Happening at 170 Main Street

New Horizons Hairstylist’s Changes Hands and Name

By Meghan Barton
Stylists Shelbi Vidal, Meghan Barton, and Mary Meier

A lot of excitement is happening at 170 Main Street.  I am pleased to announce that I have bought New Horizons Hairstylist’s, LLC.  I had always thought that someday I would like to own my own salon, but someday came a whole lot quicker than I anticipated! In 2001, I came to work for Mary at New Horizons, and little did I know what the little town of Andover would have in store for me!

I have worked for Mary Meier for 18 years. She has taught me a lot about the salon on Main Street. I have always thought, it’s a good day if we are laughing soon after 9 AM.  If you are really lucky, you will hear the laughter just spilling out our open doors all day! Lord knows, we are not quiet ladies! Thank you for all the life lessons and sharing all you have learned behind the chair!  Cheers to you Mary as you sit back on the next adventure life holds for you.

As we change it up on Main Street, I decide to rename our salon.  With a little help from Facebook we set out to find a new name! I had many laughs as friends came up with such creative custom names!  Meghan’s Mullets, Hardy Hair Repair, Hot Heads, Barton’s Bangs; all were a few! My cousin Shelbi Vidal and sidekick at the salon, came up with our name! Mane Street Salon, LLC was the winner!

We are pleased to welcome Billie Jean Hufault to our team July 1st!  Billie Jean lives in Wilmot with her husband Joel and her daughter, Mia. She graduated from Empire Beauty School in 2008 and has worked in the salon industry for 10 years. She comes to us with her flair for hair from Joan Marie’s Beauty Boutique in Wilmot. We are excited for her to join us and can’t wait to introduce her to you!  Billie Jean will be working in the salon Wednesdays and Saturdays.
We can’t wait to share our new look with you and are looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming months!