Did Your State Representative Really Vote on your Behalf?

By Natalie Wells

While you are going to work everyday to make a living, stay retired, State Representatives Clyde Carson, David Karrick and Ken Wells (no relation) are undermining not only your taxes but your 2nd Amendment rights, and so much more.

Part of the State Budget, SB1, sponsored by Democrat Senator Dan Feltes is a Mandatory Paid Family Leave Act, (the Governor wanted this to be a Voluntary program). It has a $15 million startup cost, along with the hiring of 40 new employees to the tune of $6.6 million. This 0.5% equates to $168 million in taxes on employees and a mandate to offer this by their employer. All three representatives voted for this. It is a tax on the working class. In addition, a capital gains tax was proposed and all three representatives voted for this. Are they really voting for the hard-working Granite Stater?

In 2017-18, Legislators (including myself) voted to continue lowering business taxes as it has created an all-time high in our economy and growth.  Representatives Carson, Karrick and K. Wells voted to put a halt to tax reduction, and voted to increase these taxes. This will affect not only our economy, but employers hiring, and businesses seeking to grow and flourish.
These three representatives voted for illegal immigrants to get a drivers’ license, but voted against ensuring that driver’s licenses cannot be used by non-citizens to vote. Does this not bother you?

They also degraded our 2nd Amendment Rights, voting to protect criminals by disarming law-abiding citizens, and creating a “guilty until proven innocent” protective order against vulnerable adults. NH was recently rated by US World Report as one of the safest states in the nation. Maybe someone should inform our Representatives that NH law-abiding citizens know what is required of them?

Lastly, in 17-18’ we voted for a work requirement for able-bodied childless adults in order to receive Medicaid. It hasn’t even gone into effect, yet these Democrats voted to remove this common sense requirement.  Maybe someone should tell these Democratic representatives that working for a living gives one pride, drive for a better future, and just might save the Taxpayer some dollars? Republicans have always believed that hard work results in the dignity, self-respect and hope that goes along with saving taxpayer dollars.


General John Stark famously counseled us to “Live Free or Die”. Fortunately, Governor Sununu will protect our freedoms with his mighty veto pen to fight taxes, protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and the New Hampshire Advantage.

Honorable Natalie Wells, Warner