Andover Libraries Book Club August 2019

By Janet Moore

I first heard the name Christopher Hogwood attached to the Academy of Ancient Music as I was starting my classical music collection. Imagine my surprise then when Christopher turned up as the title character in Sy Montgomery’s endearing story, “The Good Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood.”

Rescued by Sy when the piglet was the runt of the litter, the charming pig grew up to take over the affections of their rural New Hampshire town. At 750 lbs., he enjoyed the ministrations of the little girls who bathed him. He became a perennial visitor in the neighborhood, sometimes venturing across town borders, as he worked his way into vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, and NH hearts. Sometimes ferried home in pick-up trucks but often held waiting for his ride back home from Sy, this good pig made for himself a reputation on radio and TV.

For Sy, he was a blessing in disguise. As a wildlife biologist, she had traveled the world to explore and observe and make sense of animals. Irrawaddy River pink dolphins, man-eating tigers, jungle creatures-nothing was more exciting than being in these creatures’ natural habitats. Of course it was scary but also humbling and illuminating. Christopher grounded her on her home turf, providing opportunity for love and caring, scientific observation, and community building.

Join us on Wednesday, August 28, 7 pm, at the Bachelder Library in East Andover, to talk about Christopher Hogwood and Sy Montgomery. Books are available in both libraries.