Crafters & Artists Needed for ASC Craft Fair

“Christmas in October”

By Mary Ofenloch

ASC is looking for Artists and Crafters to sign-up for the “Christmas in October” Arts and Crafts Fair, being held on Saturday, October 26, at the Andover Elementary/Middle School. The registration fee is $25. Spaces are limited, so reserve early.  The deadline to reserve a space is October 14. There is reserved parking for vendors. 

For more information email, or call 735-4101 from Noon to 8 PM. The fair is sponsored by the Andover Service Club to benefit the ASC Merit Scholarship Program. This Arts & Crafts Fair will be one of the first (if not the first) to be held in the area with a “Christmas in October” theme. It will be advertised as follows: “It’s Christmas in October at the Arts and Crafts Fair in Andover.” All pertinent information, including vendors, will be included.