Proctor Welcomes 130 New Students

By Scott Allenby

On September 3, Proctor Academy will welcome 130 new students to campus for the 2019-2020 academic year. This group of new students hails from 11 different countries and 20 different states, and includes an incredibly diverse set of talents. From soccer players to hockey players to artists to a professional opera singer, the passions that live within each of these incoming students will reshape and breathe invaluable life into the Proctor community. Similarly, the diversity of new students will enrich the Proctor culture as students bring their own traditions, backgrounds, and worldviews to the town of Andover. We are thrilled to welcome these new students and their families to Proctor.

Among this group of new students to Proctor are eight Andover day-students:
Helen Armstrong ‘23
Ella Makechnie ‘23 
Ani McIntyre ‘23
Elliot Norris ‘23
Emma Pine ‘23
Lagan Salathe ‘23
Phoenix Verite ’23
Caleb Warzocha ’23