Andover Select Board Approved Minutes, July 1, 2019

By Patricia Moyer

Meeting convened at 6:32 p.m.
PRESENT: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Chuck Keyser, Select Board Chair; Dave Blinn and Bill Keyser, Select Board Members; John Thompson, Road Agent; and Police Officer Dan Mori
Also present was:  Art Urie, Planning Board Vice Chair; Jon and Tyler Champagne
ROAD AGENT REPORT by John Thompson
The Highway Department has been catching up with their work from all the recent storms. Once caught up, they will go back and mow all the areas evenly.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Highway Department will work on cleaning up around Town in anticipation of the Town’s 4th of July Celebration.
A couple of culverts were replaced on Shaw Hill Road
Today, they worked on ditching and patching along with fixing the pot holes on Morrill Hill Road down towards Route 4.
Two Highway Department employees are studying for their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL’s). One employee is ready for the written test.
Thompson looked at a basin on Shaw Hill  Road where the pipe rotted and the headwall caved in
Thompson called around to several area paving companies for pricing as follows:
o Proposals are priced to supply and install bituminous concrete wear course at 2” compacted
Shaw Hill Road Proposal to regrade and pave with 2” hot top for 6162 square yards of material for approximately $72, 000.
Old College Road Proposal with approximately 11, 205 square yards of material for approximately $86, 360.
Monticello Road Proposal for 6100 square yards of material for $47, 260.
Street signs – The sign on Brick House Lane was put up on Friday. A resident from that street came into Town Hall this morning and complained that the sign was not up. Officer Mori believed he saw the sign last night or today during his shift. Thompson will check to see if the sign is there or missing again.
Billing – Thompson and Roy will work out a system in an attempt to streamline which account items will come out of which accounts to try to avoid confusion when processing these at Town Hall.
White Oak Survey – The surveyor should be here in about a week to week-and-a-half to complete the second half of the survey. 
Elbow Pond Project – Hoyle Tanner put this out to bid. The bidding is expected to be completed within two weeks.
Last Street Bridge – only the concrete work below the bridge is left to do

Cilleyville Bog Bridge.
Roy will give Tim Andrews of Barns and Bridges contact information to Thompson to discuss the Cilleyville Bog Bridge issues. Andrews was involved in the bridge construction. Andrew’s opinion is that the bridge is not going to collapse, but there is one corner that needs to be tended. Thompson will review Alan Hanscom’s information and then contact Andrews.
Shirley and Poplar Streets.  Received the Scope and Fee Drainage Report from Hoyle Tanner. The bill seems significantly high for what the Town requested. Roy has a call into Sean James and will clear it up with Audrey Blodgett. 
TRANSFER STATION by Shandra McMaster
Starting today, cardboard bales will be again be accepted.
The Transfer Station needs the transition plate for the dock to be OSHA compliant. McMasters indicated they need the smallest plate a 24 x 36 for the dock at a cost of $236.  Roy will have it ordered tomorrow.
o McMasters has been moving items around to utilize storage until the transition plate is installed. Tires have been moved. There are 16 bales of plastic outside under a tarp. And, there are 9 aluminum bales. Last Wednesday, she and Jeff spoke to the concrete installer. Once the pad is placed, storage will be eased up.
Keyser will contact the concrete installer and then will let Roy know when it will be delivered.
There are only about 20 people using the Transfer Station on Friday afternoons. McMasters does not believe that the Transfer Station needs to be open on Fridays. The work that needs to be done can be accomplished on Wednesday and Saturday’s. McMasters indicated that Friday is not needed as a work day. The work can be accomplished in the two days the Transfer Station is open. The Board will discuss whether to keep it open or to close it again on Fridays at their next work session.
Champagne stated that he has great concerns about the Planning Board. Champagne believes he has done his due diligence on his excavation project application. Champagne is unhappy that his application is deemed incomplete and that he was asked to have more thoughtful answers to the application. Champagne’s concern is that the Board members do not know how to read the plans he submitted and that he is spending money to educate the Board. Champagne recommended that the Planning Board hold a work session and have a former Planning Board Member, currently on the Zoning Board of Adjustment, lead the group to learn how to read plans. Champagne stated that going forward, to appease the Board, he will complete the application to show where things are on the plan.
Blinn agreed to set up a scheduled work session for the Planning Board to work on reading plans.

The Board took an overall look at the budget. Roy noted the budget as a whole looks good although the legal line and IT line are high. The legal line is high because there are quite a few items going on that need the Town Attorney’s attention. The IT line is high due to the need to purchase quite a few computers.
Roy will sit down with Road Agent Thompson to review the Highway Department budget. After she and Thompson meet, Roy will send an email to the Select Board to schedule a work session to review it with the Board.
Chuck Keyser asked if the oil tank leak was fixed. Roy indicated that she will get back in contact with Huckleberry.
Chuck Keyser made the motion to accept the June 17, 2019 minutes as written. Bill Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor. The June 17, 2019 minutes are approved as written.
Jane Hubbard contacted Roy and asked if she should start working on the updated plan. There is a FEMA Grant that can be applied for and the Town matches the funding. The Town can include employee time as part of the soft match funding.
Hubbard dropped off a copy of the updated plan for the Board to review first. After the Board reviews it, the resolution needs to be signed. It is titled, the Resolution and Adopting Update 2019. Hubbard pointed out for the Board to note page 7.3. Hubbard will be at the next Select Board meeting scheduled for Monday, July 15, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.
School Care Insurance – The Town received a refund of $6810.50. Health Trust NH has provided insurance for the Town for the past year.
Lakes Region Planning Commission – The Town received a letter from Susan Slack at Lakes Region Planning Commission suggesting the Town appoint a representative and an alternate to the Transportation Advisory Committee. 
Blinn suggested passing this information along to the Andover Hub who might be interested in this. Roy will call Larry Chase.
Eastern Analytical – The Town received a quote of $267.30 to test and monitor the groundwater at the Monticello Road closed landfill.
Timber Tax Paul Horbert 474 Main Street Map 27-532-124 $907.73  Signed by all three Select Board Members

Timber Tax Peter Kerber Depot Street Map 35-105-463                                                                Depot Street Map 35-335-400       Off Depot Street Map 35-418-442 $2150.69 Signed by all three Select Board Members

Chuck Keyser made the motion to go into Non-Public Session at 7:45 p.m. by Roll Call Vote:
Chuck Keyser YES Dave Blinn YES William Keyser YES
Closed Public Meeting at 7:45 p.m.     Open Non-Public Session at 7:45 p.m.                                       Closed Non-Public Session at 8:00 p.m.                       Reopened Public Meeting at 8:00 p.m.  
Closed Public Meeting at 8:00 p.m.                         Reopen Non-Public Session at 8:00 p.m.   Closed Non-Public Session at 8:15 p.m.             Reopen Public Meeting at 8:15 pm.
Chuck Keyser made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 p.m. William Keyser Seconded the motion. All in favor. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary