Andover Energy Group Announces Availability of Green Car Guide

Press release

Interested in exploring the world of “green” vehicles, including fuel-efficient, gasoline-powered vehicles, along with electric, hybrid, diesel, and alternative-fueled vehicles?

If so, visit either of the public libraries in Andover and ask to see the 2019 edition of the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) 212-page “Green Car Guide.”  There you’ll find in-depth reviews of 77 fuel-efficient and low-emitting cars, SUVs, vans and trucks, along with comparative ratings for each.

The AAA office in Concord made copies of the Guide available to the Andover Energy Group for distribution to the town’s libraries.  The book’s contents are also viewable at Hard copies are available free to AAA members at any AAA office.

Energy Group members note that the number of energy-efficient vehicles in town is growing at what appears to be a modest pace.  Beacon readers who would like to learn about their owners’ experiences are invited to send an email to for a referral.