Andover Select Board Approved Minutes, July 22, 2019

By Patricia Moyer

Condensed from approved minutes:  The meeting convened at 6:34 PM.
Members Present: Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Chuck Keyser, Select Board Chair; Dave Blinn and Bill Keyser, Select Board Members; Elita Reed, Bookkeeper, and Police Officer Dan Shaw

Road Agent Report:
John Thompson was unavailable for tonight’s meeting.

Transfer Station Report:
Last Friday, Roy spoke to Shanda McMasters, Transfer Station Supervisor. McMasters needs storage badly. The tires are out of the trailer so that the electronics supply can be under cover. If the electronics are wet, they will not be accepted by the company who picks it up. The cardboard is ready to go out. McMasters is just waiting for the loading dock to be put in. Bill Keyser noted that he spoke with John Thompson last Wednesday and Thompson told him that he would get together with Kearsarge Concrete to do the concrete pad. Roy will follow up with Thompson tomorrow. After a brief discussion, the Board agreed that if Thompson cannot fit this job into his schedule that they will need someone else to take care of it so that the storage issue can be resolved. The Board wants to look at long term storage resolution and not just short-term storage.

Bill Keyser noted that there is no market for certain numbers of plastic. The Board discussed options such as possibly sorting the plastics. Examples can be put on a board for the residents so they know where to put and separate the plastics correctly. Roy will look into this situation and  see if there is a market for the plastic upper numbers 5-7. The Board wants to encourage recycling, but if it is not cost effective, it might have to be put on hold.
Bill Keyser noted that there was an issue with the large brush pile which was burned recently. The smoke traveled and the debris covered quite a large area outside of the Transfer Station property. The Board discussed and thought maybe burning a few smaller brush piles might work better. Another option would be to do some brush chipping for the Town residents to use.   

Town Administrator Report:
The Property and Liability update for Primex is completed.
Roy registered for four (4) classes with Primex during August through November for workplace morale and motivation. After the classes are completed there is a meeting in the Spring to discuss how it went once implemented.

White Oak Survey – Weather permitting, the surveyor plans to complete the survey at the end of this week or next week. Roy gave the surveyor the State drawing of the property.

Shirley Road – Sean James from Hoyle Tanner and Associates along with Roy have played telephone tag. Roy sent an email to James to let him know that the Board thought the scope of work cost was too high. James offered for Roy to call him so that they could talk about the issue and how to bring the cost down. Roy thinks that James was confused because too many people were involved and that he didn’t understand that the scope of the work was for the Shirley Road Project only. Roy indicated that as soon as she talks with James, she will email the Board with the information.

Cilleyville Road Bog Bridge – Last Thursday or Friday, John Thompson looked at the bridge and noted that it is very overgrown and that needs to be the first item to work on. Once the brush is cleared away, Thompson will contact Tim Andrews from Barns and Bridges to give a more accurate report of what he sees as the issues.  

Shaw Hill Road – Blinn sent the Board his thoughts on the drainage issues. He suggested that when Roy speaks to Sean James at Hoyle Tanner and Associates about the Shirley Road project, she could ask about having Steve Hodgdon give us a consultation. The Board will discuss it further with Thompson. It appears the resident that is affected needs to have the driveway raised to alleviate the water. However, what needs to be decided is whether the Town or the property owner is responsible for fixing the problem. 

Work Sessions Tentative Dates:
A short work session to see where the budget is currently and for the rest of the year is scheduled for Monday, July 29, 2019 at noontime. The Board will spend half an hour discussing the budget. Roy will let John Thompson know to be there.
The following are the tentative work sessions scheduled all at 6:15 PM
Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Wednesday, July 31, 2019. Thursday, August 1, 2019. Wednesday,August 7, 2019

Committee Appointments:
The Board signed the Conservation Commission appointments for the following:
Lee Wells will be a full member replacing Tina Cotton                                                                                             Tina Cotton will an alternate member
The Board signed the Emergency Management appointment for the following: Marj Roy will be the Deputy Director replacing Chris Braley who resigned.

Review of Previous Minutes:
After discussion, Chuck Keyser made a motion to accept the minutes of July 1, 2019 as amended. Bill Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor. The July 1, 2019 minutes are approved as amended.

Trust Fund and Budget Review  by Elita Reed
The Board reviewed the budget. The reports  run through the end of June. Overall the budget is at 49.82% which is where it should be at this time of year.
The IT Department is a bit more under the 50% mark. However, the Town paid some expenses through October and already purchased one of the new computers needed.
The Legal line is a bit under the 50% mark due to the need of significant legal assistance.
Reed noted the Highway Department budget is under the 50% mark. A bit lower than it should be at this time of year.

Under the Highway Department budget, the tool line needs to be looked at closer. Some of the posts may be posted incorrectly. Reed noted that the culvert line is incorrectly posted. The items should have been posted under equipment rental.
The budget only shows that two street signs were purchased. There was a list compiled at one time. Blinn will speak with Thompson in the morning about the street sign list. After Blinn speaks to Thompson, the list can be given to the Administrative Assistant to order the signs from the State.

Chuck Keyser requested that going forward, each new purchase for the Highway Department be compiled as a separate list of Town-owned tools.

The Board discussed each individual request from the Trust Funds to be deposited into specific Capital Reserve Funds Accounts for Articles approved at Town Meeting. All three Select Board Members signed the following: 
$10, 000 Article 4 Forest Fire Equipment
$15, 000 Article 5 Transfer Station Recycling+Municipal Solid Waste
$150, 000 Article 7 Highway Projects
$15, 000 Article 7 HD Grader
$5, 000 Article 7 Revaluation
$13, 500 Article 7 Police Cruiser
$10, 000 Article 7 Transfer Station Equipment
$50, 000 Article 7 Bridge Rehabilitation
$5, 000 Article 8 Forest Fire Labor
$20, 000 Article 8 Town Buildings
$6, 000 Article 8 Technology
$2, 954 Article 12 Solar Energy

4TH of July Committee Request:
Wood Sutton would like to put an ad in the Beacon thanking Proctor Academy for all their contributions in getting the Town Green ready in preparation for the Town’s 4th of July Celebration. Sutton would also like to include the Select Board in the ad thanking Proctor but would like permission to do so. Sutton sent a list of all the assistance and work Proctor did to help make the 4th Celebration happen. After discussion, the Board agreed to allow the 4th of July Committee to include them in the thank you ad in the Beacon recognizing Proctor’s contribution.

Blinn noted that he would like Sutton to know that he would like some better communication between the Town and the Proctor folks. Better communication such as coordinating the lawn cutting and putting up the tents would likely avoid future issues.  

Non-Public Sessions: (3)
Chuck Keyser made a motion to go into Non-Public Session at 7:29 p.m. Bill Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor.
The Board entered into Non-Public Session at 7:29 p.m. by Roll Call Vote
Chuck Keyser     YES     Dave Blinn     YES Bill Keyser YES
The Board closed the Non-Public Session (1) at 7:45 PM.                   The Board re-opened the Public Hearing at 7:45 PM.       

 The Board closed the Public Hearing at 7:45 PM.                  
The Board re-opened the Non-Public Session (2) at 7:45 PM.                                                     The Board closed the Non-Public Session at 8:00 PM.                               

The Board re-opened the Public Hearing at 8:00 PM.                   

 The Board closed the Public Hearing at 8:10  PM.
The Board excused Moyer at 8:10 PM.m. Roy will take the minutes for the next Non-Public Session.

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary