Carriage Driving on the Rail Trail

By Faith Clendenen
Some of the riders in the Granite State Carriage Driving Association’s Drive and Ride event on the Northern Rail Trail on August 11.

Once again the Granite State Carriage Driving Association held a Drive and Ride event on the Northern Rail Trail on the 11th of August from Potter Place.  The weather was perfect for the event, with temperatures in the mid 70s and a moderate breeze to help keep the insects at bay.
There were five carriages and around 15 riders, along with other attendees, for a turnout of 33.  The gates on the Northern Rail Trail were opened heading up towards Danbury for the carriages, while riders could go either north to Danbury with the carriages or south towards Andover, where the gates were still locked.

The Granite State Carriage Association has been in business for a little more than 40 years and hosts a number of events all over the state of New Hampshire as well as events in Maine and Vermont.  Its primary purpose is to make available opportunities for relaxed, friendly occasions for people who enjoy driving their horses with other like-minded folk. Many events, such as the Andover event, are day events, but there are also events that entail camping; including the horses for several days.  Since many driving horses are also ridden, riders are welcome as long as they are members of the Association. The events are free to the participants, and dues for the Association are a modest $25 a year. More information about the Association can be found on the web site at