A Taste of Proctor’s Off-Campus Programs

By Scott Allenby
Andover’s Paige Makechnie receives navigational instructions from the crew of Roseway during a day sail from Portsmouth to Boston.

Thirty Proctor Academy students will study off-campus this fall. More than 90 over the course of  the year, and roughly 85% of all graduating students will have the opportunity to study abroad. All five of Proctor’s off-campus programs (Ocean Classroom, European Art Classroom, Mountain Classroom, Proctor en Segovia, and Proctor in Costa Rica) are transformative, and a group of thirty faculty, staff, and friends of Proctor were able to taste a bit of the off-campus experience on a day sail aboard Schooner Roseway in early August. Organized by Ocean Classroom Director Brooks Bicknell, the crew of Roseway, a one hundred year old historic tall ship that is home to Proctor’s Ocean Classroom students for nine weeks each fall, opened their decks for a day sail from Portsmouth to Boston Harbor on August 7.

While thunderstorms and unfavorable winds hindered the sailing, the experience was unforgettable for those aboard, and gave a new appreciation for the sense of adventure required of Proctor’s students each fall. The crew of twenty-one students, including Andover’s Chloe Makechnie ‘20 and Jaimes Southworth ‘21, will set sail on Friday September 20 from Boston Harbor and will sail along the eastern seaboard throughout October and November before reaching their final destination in St. Croix in mid-November. Learn more about Ocean Classroom and Proctor’s Off-Campus programs at www.proctoracademy.org/off-campus.