Andover Recreation Committee Minutes, June 11, 2019

By Scott Allenby

Recreation Committee Meeting
June 11, 2019
Attendance: Tom Frantz, Alan Hanscom, Heidi Murphy, Brian Reynolds, Scott Allenby, Stephanie Bendixen, Abby Webster

Approval of Minutes from May Meeting –
Clarification of soccer prices and what we want to do with K-1-2
Abby asking about what we want to do with K-1-2 soccer
Conversation around not wanting to play other towns for K-1-2 and just stay in Andover and have 3 or 4 teams depending on numbers – rotate and play round robins with refs a few times throughout the fall
Conversation around Kindergarten – what is the value of games at that level?   Agreed we will keep prices at the same level as last year – $15 per child – and will figure out numbers and games and structure once we see sign-up numbers later this summer.

Cycling Program
Has evolved in some ways – some of the dads want to evolve it into a race program
If US Cycling club – race club – and that moves them out of Rec Committee club
Chris Grotnes running with this new approach – and Drew not sure how to keep this new approach within the rec committee and program.
Agreed that the Cycling Club has evolved and is no longer part of rec, but can always be back in the future should the program evolve again.

$45 for 8 sessions – July 22-Aug 1 – through Franklin at Webster Lake
Through Franklin Rec Department
Stephanie putting it in AEMS Newsletter

4th of July
Same location for Closest to the Pin
Tim Norris helping out – Tom working with Tim to get prizes
Volunteers to help out.

Two people reached out to Alan worried about state of the playground at Blackwater Park  – Alan explained budget cut and not a lot of time or energy to put into it right now.
Suggestion to offer these two individuals to help put together a committee to raise money for new playground, but our first priority is to do the fencing at the playground.

Work Projects and Building
Have had a door lock issue and Alan has worked to replace these
Alan primed trim on rink building this past Saturday
Need to get together – 2:00 PM at ice rink to paint and do a little brush work

Next Meeting set for August 20.