Poet Wesley McNair Will Kick Off the Fall Literary Series   

Thursday, September 19

Press Release

The Literary Arts Guild, a branch of the Center for the Arts (CFA) in conjunction with the Newbury Library; the Richards Free Library, Newport; and the Pillsbury Free Library, Warner, presents this inspirational and informative Fall Literary Series.

On September 19 the CFA Literary Guild and the Richards Free Library present Poet Wesley McNair speaking on the Courage to Create, at 7 PM at the Library Arts Center in Newport.

Taking a cue from his memoir, The Words I Chose, Wes McNair will give a combined poetry reading and talk. In his memoir he says, “I am a poet who has been shaped from the start by the threat of things dear to me coming apart.”  He will show how he has addressed this threat in poems that attempt to repair and restore the broken world.   

Looking back over his fifty-year career, McNair will select poems for his talk that illustrate the challenges, struggles and pleasures of his life as a poet. “I wrote my first poetry in the Newport area,” McNair says, “so giving my talk there is especially fitting.”