FNRT-MC Draft Minutes of Board Meeting September 18, 2019

By George Heaton

FNRT-MC, Draft Minutes of Board Meeting
September 18, 2019
Andover Hub, Andover

Board Attendees:  Alex Bernhard, Steve Darling, George Heaton, Craig Heim, Lindy Heim, Charles Martin, Myra Mayman. Nita Tomaszewski

Loyal Trail Supporters:  Walter Durack, Ricker Miller, Patrice Rasche, Steve Rasche

Routine Business Matters:

1. Minutes of August 2019 Board Meeting, accepted unanimously without amendment.

2. Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer’s report by Steve Darling showed “little change” from last month in the flow of funds.  However, it prompted significant discussion about how to report the FNRT–MC financial position.

This month’s report presented assets on hand, projected expenditures and reserves in a new format.  Thus, the following newly proposed elements of the report – Maintenance Projects Committed; Miscellaneous Expenditures Committed;  Emergency Reserve; and Non-Designated Assets – were accepted unanimously by the Board as new reporting categories. The Board believes that so reporting will highlight work that is ongoing and enhance planning for future projects.

In addition, there was discussion about whether, how and when the FNRT-MC should report its financial position to the general public.  It was noted that different charitable organizations take different approaches, and the Board agreed that more consideration was needed of the issue, before taking it up again at the November meeting.

Current Developments, on and Around the Trail:

1. Culverts, Ditches, Bridges, Railings and Surfaces.  This previously committed work is ongoing in various towns and sites, with the usual deadline in mind:  “before the snow flies.”

2. Liaison with Snowmobile Clubs.  Communication from Jack Shields reported on his meeting with snowmobile clubs in Boscawen.  The clubs are vital contributors to Trail clearance, and FNRT-MC looks forward to working together with them this fall and winter, particularly on the problem of “brushing back” overhang.  For more information, contact Jack Shields: jack-shields@nullcomcast.net

3. Construction on Merrimack River Greenway Trail.  Patrice Rasche reported on the funding and progress for a new one-third mile paved trail along the river in Concord, near Terrill Park.

4. New Hampshire Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation Plan.  As part of the “10-year Transportation Plan,” the State of New Hampshire is soliciting public input about pedestrian and bicycle trails and other facilities.  There are statewide public meetings, as well as a survey, in which interested persons may submit their views. For Trail supporters to take advantage of this opportunity and advocate for trails, the following website is the entry point:  www.nhpedbikeplan.com.

Adjournment:  8:22 PM

Notable Upcoming Events:

September 21, 2019 —