Kearsarge Regional Middle School Debuts Four New Scoreboards

Kearsarge Regional School District installed four new scoreboards this August to better facilitate athletic activities at Kearsarge Regional Middle School. (Courtesy Photo Kearsarge Regional School District)

Superintendent Winfried Feneberg is pleased to share that there are four new scoreboards at the Kearsarge Regional Middle School athletic fields.

Each athletic field at Kearsarge Regional Middle School, including two soccer, one baseball and one softball field, has a new, solar powered, wireless scoreboard this school year.

The scoreboards, which are each painted in district colors, were funded by the school’s operating budget. The new scoreboards replaced several old and outdated ones, which the district had scheduled to replace.

“We want students at Kearsarge to be fully supported in a well rounded range of pursuits, and for our athletes, it’s important that they have scoreboards which cleanly, clearly display the scores and status of their games,” Superintendent Feneberg said. “We’re pleased to have these new scoreboards in place as our athletes begin the fall season, and we wish them the best in their games and practices.”

Installed this August, the scoreboards have been operational since last week.