October News from Andover Village Preschool

Press Release
Jack McLeod observes a cricket he found under a rock.

This year we welcomed 14 new children to our little school, joining the 11 children returning from last year. We have had a fabulous first month!  The first few weeks of school are all about getting to know each other and the daily routine. Our returning children have done a great job of mentoring and keeping the day flowing with their example. 

Our weekly library visits have begun, and we have watched our Monarch Caterpillars become chrysalises, and then watched butterflies emerge. It was a thrill to release them and we see them visiting our garden on the playground daily. Our investigation of Monarchs has led to a study of other insects, including Painted Lady butterflies. We currently have Painted Lady caterpillars on the verge of moving into the chrysalis stage! So exciting! 

Our carrots in the garden are just about ready to pick; our carrot harvest day is always a favorite. After that we will start to prepare our garden beds for winter and begin planning for spring.
Thank you to our community members who supported us by buying mums from our fundraiser sale in September. If you didn’t get a chance to purchase mums, another chance to support EAVP is just around the corner… our Creepy Crawl 5K is coming up on Sunday, October 27. To register, visit eavpkids.org/5K.