Selectboard Approved Minutes, August 5, 2019

By Patricia Moyer

Meeting convened at 6:33 PM
PRESENT:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Chuck Keyser, Select Board Chair; Dave Blinn and Bill Keyser, Select Board Members; John Thompson, Road Agent, and Police Officer Dan Mori.
Also present was: Mary Anne Broshek

ROAD AGENT REPORT by John Thompson
Broshek complained that her property has a lot of issues with water in her basement of her home on Shaw Hill Road. Broshek believes the issue is due to the road excavation work. Thompson explained that the excavation work done has not caused the water issues with her property. Thompson explained that the lower driveway is the issue and it needs to be raised.  Thompson explained that is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain their driveway, not the Town. The Board agreed with Thompson. 

Broshek and Thompson, along with the Board, discussed how this problem might be fixed. It was suggested that a swale could be put in when the road is paved. At this time though, the road paving on Shaw Hill Road is delayed due to funding. However, as a temporary fix to the water issue, three water bars will be installed along with stone to help slow down the water until the vegetation grows. A berm needs to be built.  When the road is ready to be paved, Thompson and the Board will see how the water bars are working and the berm.
When the time comes for Broshek to build up the driveway, she will seek guidance from the Road Agent. 

Broshek is also very concerned and “scared” that several trees will come down on her property. Chuck Keyser looked at the trees earlier and he doesn’t think the trees look like they are in danger of falling down. Broshek does not believe that the tree issue is her responsibility. She believes the trees are being undermined by the ditching that was done thirty years ago along with the water issues. Thompson will look at it again and see if there is anything other than installing three water bars, 30’ to 40’ apart that can be done.  


Broshek asked the Board when the first phase of the excavation work at the Transfer Station near Bog Pond would be completed. The Board explained that there is no tim line when the entire excavation project will be finished. Once it is finished, which could be years, depending on the amount of material the Town needs, the area must be reclaimed all at one time. The Board will discuss this at a later date.

White Oak Survey – Roy spoke to Chris Paton when he was in Town last week. Paton noted the project involves more research. Roy gave Paton the contact information for Phil Miles at Department of Transportation (DOT) to find out what the State requires.

Last Street Bridge – The underneath work still needs to be completed. Now that the water receded, the work can proceed. Thompson is waiting for Hoyle Tanner and Associates to let him know whether the abutments can be used or for them to pour new concrete. Thompson will have one of the Highway Department’s employees contact Josif tomorrow. There is also an issue with the one-ton truck needed for this project which will be discussed later in the meeting.

Old College Road – The roadway was topped off recently. Brad Davis of GMI recommended waiting a year before doing the final coat. A resident on that road wanted an old country road esthetic look. Thompson spoke to Davis about this and he did not recommend it because the materials are different from the previous materials used. The Board and Thompson discussed. It is likely more expensive to do this and this should not be at taxpayer’s expense. The suggestion was to have Davis attend a meeting with those residents and neighbors who want this type of finish on the road. Blinn reiterated it will not be publicly funded, but will be privately funded by those residents if they want to have an old country road type look for an esthetic value.  

Shirley Road Project – Thompson has not heard a word. However, Roy spoke to Sean James last week. James told Roy to have the Board come up with a price and he will adjust the scope and fee of the project. The Board agreed they need just a basic design for two re-charge basins for approximately $2000 to $2500 to do the engineering portion. 

Transfer Station – The forms are in at the loading dock. It’s ready for the cement to be poured. The area needs to be raised up 8” to make it an even surface. Thompson asked whether the Board wanted concrete, stones or hot top to fill in the gap. It will be an additional cost to top it off. The original estimate only covered the retaining walls. The Board discussed the options and decided concrete would be the most effective. Thompson will get a quote for the additional cost.
Chuck Keyser asked if the grader would be coming down Keyser Road soon because the road is getting pretty rough. Thompson stated they will be doing Moody Road and Keyser Road will be done at the same time.  

Thompson is still waiting for cold patch from the State.
Thompson asked about Elbow Pond Road Project. Roy spoke to Sean James who indicated that the bids will go out soon but at this point in the year, the work won’t get started until next year. Thompson was concerned about losing the approximately $65, 000 but Roy indicated that she will get in touch with Jane Hubbard regarding the FEMA funds so that Andover doesn’t lose it. Roy indicated that the project needs to be done by January 2, 2021.

After review, Chuck Keyser made the motion to approve the July 22, 2019 minutes as written. Bill Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor. The July 22, 2019 minutes are approved as written.

The Board discussed how to address the storage needs of the Transfer Station. The storage containers are full. There has to be a certain number of baled recycled materials before the company will even pick those up. 

One option is to build a truss system over top of the C-containers for additional storage. The Board would like to get some bids for this option and meet with the Transfer Station Supervisor, Shanda McMasters, to discuss what is needed and some other options. Recycling might not be cost effective right now. One option might be to only recycle certain numbers of plastics and eliminate other numbers. After the Board discusses the options, they would like to hold a public meeting to get the resident’s input so a decision can be made about recycling.

After discussion, the Board decided to hold the Meeting on Monday, August 19, 2019 at 6:00 PM prior to the regularly scheduled Select Board meeting at 6:30 PM

Timber Tax Paul Currier 320 Route 4-A Map 35-653-246 $1283.63     All three Select Board Members signed two sheets
Intent to Cut Jason Bisson 24 Stewart Street Map 3-819-452                     All three Select Board Members signed
Land Use Change Tax:
Chris Caron 167 Shaw Hill Road Map 4-277-037 $4200.00     All three Select Board Members signed
Bezanson 513 Flaghole Road Map 2-283-025 $   45.00      All three Select Board Members signed
Bezanson Brick House Road Map 2-215-024 $6850.00    All three Select Board Members signed
Avitar Contract for Terra-Map Updates and Digital Delivery (2019) $1710.00 Signed by Chair Chuck Keyser only

Chuck Keyser made the motion to go into Non-Public Session at 8:05 PM. Bill Keyser seconded                the motion. All in favor.
The Board entered into Non-Public Session at 8:05 PM by Roll Call Vote:            
Chuck Keyser YES Dave Blinn YES Bill Keyser YES

Chuck Keyser excused Moyer at 8:05 PM.  Roy will take the minutes for the Non-Public Session.

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary