Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, 8/13/19

By Nancy Teach

Planning Board Minutes
August 13, 2019

Members present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Art Urie, Vice-Chair; Doug Phelps; Randy Monti; John Hodgson; and Dave Blinn, Ex-Officio

Also present: Pat Moyer, Planning & Zoning Administrator; and Melissa Barton

Minutes of July 23, 2019

Phelps – Motion to approve as amended
Monti – Second
Vote – Unanimous to approve

Non-Binding Consultation: Paul and Melissa Barton; Lot line adjustment for properties on Switch Road; Tax Map 11, Lots 431,196 and 473,207

Melissa presented a tax map indicating the two abutting lots which are in the Rural Residential Zone. One lot consists of 12 acres and the other lot 8.53 acres. The lot line adjustment would be to allow the applicant a driveway to access their property and each lot would retain adequate road frontage.  The deed restrictions were reviewed with Melissa. Melissa stated they would like to be able to have only the area of the lot line adjustment surveyed; however, the board stated a full survey would be needed.

As time allows:

1. Zoning Administrator: second notice letters pertaining to enforcement violations will be going out to those residents that did not respond to the first letter.
2. Teach asked the board members to consider any possible conditions that could be placed on the application of Champagne should the application be approved
3. Junkyard Ordinance: Phelps distributed a draft Junkyard Ordinance for the board to review.

There being no further discussion, Phelps made a motion to adjourn at 9:00 PM.  Blinn seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of adjourning.

Submitted by,
Lisa Meier, Recording Secretary