Selectboard Approved Minutes September 4, 2019

By Patricia Moyer

Meeting convened at 6:30 PM.

Present:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Chuck Keyser, Select Board Chair; Dave Blinn and Bill Keyser, Select Board Members; John Thompson, Road Agent; Forest Fire Warden, Steve Barton, and Police Officer Dan Mori

ROAD AGENT REPORT by John Thompson
Highway department has been mowing
Articles for the Last Street Bridge project are here
Several trees have been cut and taken care of around town
Truck is repaired and going fine
The closest place to get the cold patch is in Waterford, VT
Last Street Bridge signs will be put up
Bill Keyser discussed with Thompson having the cemetery gates and fencing painted in the next several weeks

Elbow Pond – Josif from Hoyle Tanner and Associates met with the Town last week. They are relying on the Town to have the vegetation removed and the grading done prior to beginning the culvert project. 
Opening for the bidding is set for Thursday, September 12, 2019
Closing for the bidding is scheduled for Monday, September 23, 2019. The bids will be unsealed and the contract will be awarded and announced this day. The Town will be able to SKYPE in to watch the bids being unsealed and the award of the contract
Josif will meet with the Town prior to the bids being unsealed on the 23rd.
This project is considered a Fall project. However, if the project is allowed to go into January, the Town will save money.

Steve Barton raised some concerns and questioned:
Why Elbow Road project was put out to bid when the Town approved and voted it for the Town’s Highway Department to do the work? And did anyone on the Board inquire with the Road Agent before they opted to put it out to bid? 
Chuck Keyser responded that he did not inquire with Thompson prior to putting it out to bid, but that Thompson could have brought it up at any of their meetings and he did not.
Blinn indicated that at the time the Board decided to put the project out to bid, it was because the Board felt the Highway Department was overwhelmed with many projects. This decision was not meant to exclude the Highway Department.

Barton noted that the Board never knew if the Highway Department had too many projects because they never asked Thompson if he could do the project.
Barton is also concerned with the continual delays in this project that will cost the Town more money. The driest time to do this project is now gone.
Barton is concerned with emergency vehicles getting there.
Barton complained about the lack of communication at the Town.  Barton is concerned about the Board micromanaging the new Road Agent position.
Blinn noted that the petition warrant article that the Town voted on for the Appointed Road Agent is to hire a road agent. Blinn explained there is an extensive amount of work involved.
Chuck Keyser indicated that the Board plans on holding several meetings regarding the Appointed Road Agent position for input from many individuals.
Shaw Hill Road – Thompson will put in the water bars very soon. The Board discussed with Thompson using grass plugs and/or matting. Thompson will get prices on the matts. The matts will grow the same way as the plugs and will help alleviate the erosion issue.

White Oak Survey – Roy stated that the survey should be done by the end of next week. The surveyor needs to meet with Phil Miles with Department of Transportation (DOT). Once the survey is completed, then it goes to the Governor’s Council for approval. The Governor’s Council hold regularly scheduled meetings. Then after the Governor’s Council approves it, the Town will again have its winter sand.

Snow Plow Contractors – Roy handed Thompson the contract to review. At the Board’s next meeting, after Thompson reviewed the contract and gives Roy a list of contractors, the packets will be mailed out. Thompson will give Roy the list of contractors tomorrow. 

Barton explained that there is a possibility of receiving a $2000 grant for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Fire Department, but that it must be a guaranteed match from the Town. Barton explained that grant application needs to be in by the end of the month and the grant, if awarded, will be given in April. Barton wanted to make sure the Town will match the $2000. Barton has to guarantee that the matching funds will be there when the time comes if awarded. Barton also explained that typically for these grants, you spend the money first and then the funds are reimbursed. The Board agreed to guarantee the $2000 matching funds will be available when needed if the grant is awarded. The funds will come out of the Forest Fire Equipment line of the Town Budget. Barton will write up the application and sign it along with Fire Chief Rene Lefebvre. 

Barton inquired as to what the plan is for the Transfer Station. The Board explained that the State wanted the Town to come into compliance and are happy that the process has started with the Town upgrading the office building. The next phase is the septic and well which are expensive projects. Since the Town started the process when the office building was upgraded, the State has not had any further complaints. The Town showed the State good faith in moving forward to come into compliance. 

Town Policies: Roy handed the Board Town policies to review as follows:
o Code of Ethics for Town Employees
o Code of Conduct for Town Employees
o Code of Conduct for Vendors
o Code of Conduct for snow plow contractors
o Credit Card Policy (needs to be adopted yearly – if Select Board adopts, it will be at the next regularly scheduled meeting)

Appointment for Town Boards and Commissions: Roy explained to the Board that appointing people to Town Boards and Commissions, needs a more formal process. Roy proposed the following process:
o The candidate will fill out a questionnaire/application
o The paperwork will go to the Town Administrator
o The Town Administrator will seek input from the particular chairperson
o The Town Administrator will bring it to the Select Board for approval or denial
The candidate will be mandated to attend a minimum of two meetings before appointment to a Board or Commission
Roy will make a visible place at the Town Hall to post Board vacancies with the applications to be filled out. A notice will be put on the Town Website also.

After review, Chuck Keyser made the motion to approve the August 5, 2019 minutes as amended. Bill Keyser seconded the motion. All in favor. The August 5, 2019 minutes were approved as amended.

2019 Application for Towns and Cities Where Federal and State Forest Lands are Situated. Prepared by Avitar – 76 total acres – Ragged Mountain and Kearsarge Mountain All three Select Board Members signed
2019 MS-1 Town portion (1 of 3 parts) for Inventory Summary of Valuation.                    Signed by all three Select Board Members
2019 MS-IV Andover Village and Fire District (parts 2 and 3 of 3) for Inventory Summary of Valuation. No signatures required.
(The above information is for assessing and setting the town tax rate)
Scope and Fee Agreement – Shirley Road project – Hoyle Tanner and Associates Engineering firm (includes two sections)
Letter from George Sansoucy Engineers and Appraisers – Utility Assessing Project
Board of Tax and Land Appeals Invoice – 2014 through 2017 tax years – letter advising each municipality to save $6000 – Trial is scheduled for November
Chris Norris letter of resignation from Budget Committee

Intent to Cut Joseph Costanzo Raccoon Hill Road Map 3-773-165

Intent to Cut Ragged Mountain Fish and Game Club   11 Lower Ridge Road Map 26-880-420
Timber Tax Bill for above $182.55
Timber Tax Bill   Paul Horbert 474 Main Street Map 27-532-124 $473.63

Chuck Keyser made the motion to go into Non-Public Session at 8:00. Bill Keyser seconded  
the motion. All in favor. 
The Board entered into Non-Public Session at 8:00 p.m. by Roll Call Vote:            
Chuck Keyser YES Dave Blinn YES Bill Keyser YES

Chuck Keyser excused Moyer at 8:00 p.m. Roy will take the minutes for the Non-Public Session.

Minutes prepared by Patricia Moyer, Select Board Secretary