Showing Concern for Children Held in Detention Centers

By Judith Ackerson

With so many news stories continually perking to the top, we must not forget the children who are still being detained, jailed, in detention centers.  They are suffering severe emotional distress. When they are reunited with their families, it will be years of healing from their separation and some may never recover.  Don’t forget, either, the for-profit companies that are making millions of dollars on their suffering.

We also need to be mindful of the diseases these children are contracting while in detention,  measles and mumps in particular, which can have lifelong health consequences and even death.

Today it is “their” children.  If we don’t turn the tide, it may be “our” children next.  Where were you born? We must stop this slippery slope of cruelty from this administration and the people around President Trump who are silent.  Where are the representatives and senators who are supposed to protect us from a despot in the White House? Thank you to Senator Shaheen and Senator Hassan for their compassion and leadership.