What’s “That Thing at the Hub?”

Starting up again on Wednesday, Oct. 2, and continuing on the first and third Wednesdays of each month for the current school year, “That Thing at the Hub” provides a space and time for Andover 5th-8th grade students to hang out together after school and to build things, make art pieces or wearable art, create and play games, and use their imaginations using craft and office supplies, and interesting odds and ends that have been donated to The Hub Closet at The Andover Community Hub, 157 Main Street.

From 2:45 to 5 PM, students will have time to create, build, chat, and snack.  Local resident and educator Donna Duclos will host this time for students; she’ll bring ideas and experiences to share each week but let participants create on their own as well. 

Students can start anytime during the year, as long as they’ve pre-registered using a form that’s available in the AE/MS office.  Once registered, students can attend any weeks they like; parents just need to let the AE/MS office know that their child will be heading to the Hub on a particular day and that they will pick their child up there no later than 5 PM that day.

All students need to bring with them is their creativity. There’s no cost for attending “That Thing at The Hub,” although a donation of $1 per student each time is much appreciated.  For more information or with questions, parents can email Hub Closet organizer Tina Nussbaum Wagler at hubcloset@nullgmail.com.