Through the Reading Glasses November 2019

By Janet Moore

or fun and games and animal wisdom, especially if you’re a fan of Carol Soule in the Sunday “Concord Monitor,” look up “The Secret Life of Cows,” by Rosamund Young. At Kite’s Nest Farm in Worcestershire, England, the animals roam free to make their own choices, instructing the humans on the care that befits them – the cows, that is. 

Some prefer grooming before bed while another enjoys the smell of the old Land Rover exhaust pipe. Teenage calves play bedtime hide and seek with a local fox, while a younger calf finds pheasants alluring but untouchable. And that’s just the bovines! 

Given my own limited experience with goats and their pig-headedness, I know that Rosamund Young’s farm yields many more pleasures and the wisdom of the four-legged ages for anyone who ventures into the book. It’s a goodie!