Franklin VNA & Hospice Recognizes the Unique Healthcare Needs of Veterans

“We are proud to be members of the We Honor Veterans program”

Press Release

This November, we observe Veterans Day, held on the anniversary of the end of World War I, to honor United States’ veterans. It’s a time to support and appreciate the complicated and often dangerous work performed by those who served, or are still serving, our country. It’s also a time to recognize that Veterans are a diverse population with different healthcare needs despite differences in ethnicity, culture, gender, and sexual orientation. 

“We are proud to be members of the We Honor Veterans program,” says Krystin Albert, Director of Homecare and Hospice at Franklin VNA & Hospice. “The training available through the organization helps our staff to be better prepared to offer resources, identify needs, and ensure the Veterans we care for are treated with dignity, in acknowledgment of their unique health care needs.”

These needs can be as simple as recognition of their service or respecting their privacy by not receiving public attention. “When we admit a person onto service, we do ask if they are a Veteran,” Albert says, “Knowing their status, branch of service, and deployment history can help us offer a patient benefits they have earned as a Veteran. It can give us insight into the culture of the branch they served with, and help us to understand special hazards associated with some deployments. We may need to look for issues like PTSD, or exposure to chemical and physical hazards.”

Veterans are at a higher risk for post-traumatic stress disorder, mental health disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and chronic pain. Studies have shown that Veterans who served in the same conflict have specific needs, whether that be Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War, hearing loss and tinnitus for Korean War Veterans, or respiratory illnesses from chemical, dust, and particulate matter for Veterans who served in Afghanistan. Veterans are also unique in that they may have experienced a highly stressful combat environment, regimented daily routines, and prolonged separation from their families and loved ones, but now must re-adjust to civilian life. 

The We Honor Veterans program focuses on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening of Veterans, and encouraging a Veteran-centric commitment from partner organizations who provide hospice and healthcare to Veterans. 

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