Appreciating Andover

By Kent Hackmann

October in Andover stimulated my sense of appreciation. The warm, dry days were perfect for observing nature’s display; mainly the deep reds and golds in the trees set in the pine forests or at strategic places along the road. One of my favorite views was at 7:30 in the morning, driving west on Route 11, from Dyers Crossing and past the Hersey farm.

I also have an appreciation for The Andover Beacon. I had forgotten, until I received the annual appeal for donations, that the paper, as I have known it, dates from 2004. I might have imagined that the paper had existed for ages, fulfilling the important role of chronicling the life of the town.

Every page contains articles of value for everyone in the paper’s circulation area. One might say that the monthly paper, as much as anything else in Andover, promotes a sense of community. I hope the current appeal for donations is successful.