Franklin VNA & Hospice Provides Grief Support Options

Press Release

“Grief is personal, maybe one of the most personal things there is,” says Sharolyn Fortin, Grief Coach at Franklin VNA & Hospice, “That’s why we developed different grief supports.”

Franklin VNA & Hospice is currently holding three different grief support meetings, a walk-in grief group each month, individual bereavement sessions every Wednesday, and now a Tuesday group for those who have lost someone due to substance abuse.

Fortin says, “We recognized the need in our surrounding communities for free grief counselling that will meet people where they are. Some people aren’t ready to be in a group, those people might best benefit from our one-on-one or group meetings. For those who are affected by the substance abuse crisis, our Gone too Soon group includes specific information and help that deals with that very complex issue.”

Certified Master Grief Coach, Sharolyn Fortin, has engaged in training for those special situations. With her continuous training and work Fortin accepts that grief, and the deaths that cause it, are continuing to evolve as we face different societal norms and challenges.
Franklin VNA & Hospice is also holding a series of holiday-focused grief meetings Mondays through January 13 to address and support the needs of grieving individuals during the winter holidays.

For details see Franklin VNA & Hospice’s website,, Facebook page, newsletter, or call 934-3454.

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