Buttigieg’s Military Background is Most Important

By Judith Ackerson

I am supporting Pete Buttigieg for President. I am drawn to him because of his intelligence, his calm demeanor and his military experience, among other traits. Pete is a well-educated person.  He has had to exhibit clear thinking and evaluative skills to be as successful in academia as he has been. Pete exhibits a calm, rational demeanor. Our country needs someone who can heal our divides and create a world view that embraces reaching out to allies who have been insulted/dismissed by our current president.

Today, the one area in which I think he offers the most is in his military experience, especially as it relates to his background as an intelligence officer. We are living in precarious times under a president who surrounds himself with people who are not serving the interests of this country as a whole. A President Buttigieg will bring to us his experience as a military officer as well as one who has the capability to absorb and evaluate information from the intelligence community.

If you are a parent or grandparent, as I am, remember that our young people are still required to register for the draft “in the event of a national emergency”. Who will you trust to keep us from the brink of war?