Food Pantry Returns to Andover

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By Jack Fedele. Note: Jack is a Proctor Student enrolled in the Journalism class.


Picture of a portion of the space being used at the Andover Community Hub to house the recently revived Food Pantry

The Andover Community Hub is in the center of town and provides a place to gather and socialize. However, for Ty Morris, some Andover volunteers, and the Hub committee, there was another thing the town could use this space for. During the holiday season,townspeople and Ty worked to bring back the Andover Food Pantry to help those struggling to put food on their tables.

Logo of the new Andover Food Pantry

Ty is a member of the Lake Sunapee Young Professionals Network, and before the holidays, the group planned a Hannaford Stuff-a-Truck event. The original plan was to take all of the donated items to the food pantry in Franklin. Ty was aware that the Andover Food Pantry had  previously closed and wanted to see if there was still a need for the service in town.

The Andover Food Pantry closed a few years ago for a variety of reasons. The new food pantry’s goals are to help all that can take advantage of non-perishable foods to help feed families. Ty explained, “My approach to this food pantry was really no guidelines, no pressure, no judgement, and come in and get whatever you need.” Ty noted the food pantry currently is “open on an as-needed basis including deliveries and special trips to unlock the room.” There is a Facebook page, Andover NH Food Pantry, to update people on hours and availability.

This food pantry will be different due to its location in the Andover Community Hub building. While the pantry is open, there is always someone nearby to provide a sense of accountability without having people feel like they’re being judged or watched over. Ty believes that if someone needs to take advantage of the food offerings, then they can. While details of the food pantry operation is uncertain, Ty notes, “If you want more information or are looking to find out how you can help, check out the Andover NH Food Pantry on Facebook or email”