Andover Planning Board Approved Minutes, November 12, 2019

By Nancy Teach

Planning Board Minutes
November 12, 2019

Members present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Art Urie, Vice-Chair; Randy Monti; Doug Phelps; John Hodgson and Dave Blinn, Ex-Officio
Also present: Pat Moyer, Planning & Zoning Administrator, Dave Powers, potential board member; Donna Duclos, potential board member; Jon Champagne; John Bentley; Larry Giglio; Mike Moore; Don and Rolande Andrew.
Minutes of October 22, 2019
Monti – Motion to approve as amended
Blinn – Second
Vote – Unanimous to approve

Public Hearing Continuation – Jon & Joan Champagne, Chris Champagne, and Jeff & Kelly Raymond for a Site Plan Review for the installation of a gravel and stone excavation and sales business at 235 Salisbury Highway 424 Bay Road in Andover, NH  Tax Map 4, Lots 443/37, 507;61 and 493:37 in the FA District.
Urie made a motion to continue the hearing to November 26, 2019. 

Discussion to select an engineer or other expert to review plans submitted by Champagne to make sure they comply with the operational and reclamation standards of Andover’s Excavation Regulations. Consideration will be given to issues related to blasting and crushing stone, noise and dust control, and storm management
Moyer communicated with C George Bower regarding fee and scope and received an outline from him. GZA submitted a proposal.  Moyer apprised the board that Steve Lamb is a principal for GZA and is a property owner in Andover. There was discussion about whether any board member that knows Mr. Lamb or otherwise has a conflict with the company and none of the board members did.  The proposals were distributed to board members for review and Hodgson inquired whether this is a typical boilerplate for terms and conditions. Teach replied that town attorney Matt Serge reviewed the proposal and was satisfied with it. Bentley was concerned due to GZA having proposed the same as what Aries Engineering has already done for them and he was under the impression that the engineers were going to review the application. Phelps stated this would be a second opinion. Teach stated that the board was asked to receive expert advice by the Lakes Region Planning Commission and the Town Attorney. Bentley stated he was concerned with GZA duplicating the work of Aries Engineering.  The board has chosen to utilize GZA after reviewing both submitted proposals. Moyer will contact GZA to suggest a site visit.

Non-Binding Consultation: Don & Rolande Andrews for a home occupation – Art Studio.  The property is 412 Depot Street and is Tax Map 35, Lot 326,293 and is in the Village Zone
The Andrews stated that Mrs. Andrews would like to operate a jewelry / art studio out of the garage / barn portion of the home.  The board advised that this is a permitted use in the Village District and the only items needed by the board is a Home Occupation Registration Form which was completed by the Andrews and signed by Moyer.  Moyer advised the Andrews that they would need a Sign Permit Application completed also. 

Completeness Review: Larry Giglio, Ragged Coffee Co – for coffee roasting operation within the Pine Outlet Business at 138 Pancake Road, Tax Map 21, Lot 830,560 in the Agricultural / Residential Zone
Giglio presented a Site Plan Review Application which the board reviewed. It was asked if there will be any additional exterior lighting and the response was no. It was asked if there will be a sign and the response was there is already a sign there for The Pine Outlet and Giglio will have a smaller sign added to the existing sign.  Moyer advised Giglio that he will need to complete a Sign Permit Application which she will send him. Powers asked if the State has done a health inspection yet and the response was no. Phelps made a motion to deem the application completion complete. Blinn seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of deeming the application complete.  A public hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 7:15 p.m.

Non-Binding Consultation:  Courtney Heath and Jim D’Angelis – Tri-Forge Autoworks LLC for a change of use to add pre-owned vehicle sales.  The property is 156 Main Street, Tax Map 19, Lot 598,242 and is in the Village Zone
Heath and D’Angelis stated they have applied to the state for a license to sell pre-owned vehicles.  They currently operate a vehicle repair business. It was asked how many vehicles would be on the lot to sell and the response was that there would not be that many as they are limited by the size of the lot.  The board advised a Site Plan Review Application would need to be completed and submitted for review and once deemed complete a public hearing could take place.

As Time Allows:
1. Conservation Subdivision – Urie distributed a revised copy of the Subdivision wording which the board reviewed and made revisions.
2. Zoning Administrator – update on enforcement priorities and next steps – Moyer has sent out four letters regarding enforcement.  Moyer was also asked if the town has any plans for elderly housing.
3. Mailings – NH Municipal Law Information was received pertaining to new laws that will affect town procedures pertaining to Notices of Planning Board Hearings on Zoning Ordinance Changes effective for the upcoming town meeting season.  For the first time, municipalities will be required to notify individual property owners about hearings on zoning amendments, although the new requirements will apply only in limited circumstances. Under RSA 675:3 the Planning Board is required to hold a hearing on any proposed zoning amendment, whether the amendment is proposed by the Planning Board, by the governing body, or by citizen petition.  Notice of the hearing must be published in a paper of general circulation in the municipality and must be posted in at least two public places ( see RSA 675:7). If the proposed amendment would change the boundary of a zoning district, and change would affect 100 or fewer properties, notice of the hearing must be sent by first-class mail to the owner of each affected property. If the proposed amendment would change the minimum lot sizes or the permitted uses in a zoning district that includes 100 or fewer properties, notice must be sent by first class mail to the property owner in the district.   If more than 100 properties are affected, only the newspaper publication and the public posting are required.
4. Time-line for town warrant articles – Public Hearings regarding the Zoning Ordinance Amendment for the changes to the zone boundaries will be held December 10, 2019 and January 14, 2020.  Notices will be mailed to each property owner affected, and published in the Andover Beacon, the Beacon On-Line and the Intertown Record.
There being no further discussion, Phelps made a motion to adjourn at 9 PM.  Urie seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of adjourning at 9 PM.

Submitted by, Lisa Meier, Recording Secretary