News From First ASC Meeting of the New Year

Brochure, fundraising, and focus on Nancie Jacobson

By Eileen Mackey, Secretary

The Andover Service Club held its first meeting of the new year on February 12 at the Grange Hall. Among the topics discussed was the new Service Club brochure prepared by Ann Hewitt, Nancy Tripp, and Robin Boynton. They produced a beautiful little booklet which outlines all the club’s activities, the organizations we support, the purpose of the club, when we meet, and other information about the club. The brochures will be available at the Thrift Shop and other venues around the area. Be sure to pick one up. As always, we welcome any ladies who are interested in joining our group.

The club has many activities to raise funds, and we also receive donations from individuals and other groups who wish to help us in our charitable work. One of the businesses which is very active in donating funds to charities such as the Service Club is the Bank of America. Every year in order to encourage and reward their employees who give their time and service to causes important to them, the Bank of America (BOA) Charitable Foundation awards volunteer grants to the eligible charitable organizations that they serve. BOA matches their employees’ time in community service with a monetary contribution. To date, the BOA Charitable Foundation has contributed over $2,200 to the Andover Service Club, matching the volunteer hours donated by their employee Nancie Jacobson of Andover.

Nancie contributes over 100 volunteer hours per year to the ASC Thrift and Gift Shop, Slices for Scholarships, Proctor Cakes, and other events coordinated by the ASC. Nancie retired from her career in Human Resources at BOA last year, but as a retiree still receives this awesome benefit from the bank to help local organizations.

The ASC was very fortunate to have someone like Nancie move to Andover and join us with her expertise and willingness to give of her time to our worthy cause. Nancie says that “volunteering has always been a big part of my life, starting in my teens. When my husband and I relocated to Andover, I was very happy to find such a wonderful opportunity with the Andover Service Club to contribute to my new community and meet some wonderful new friends.” If there are other like-minded people like Nancie out there, please come and join us. Like Nancie you will be doing a rewarding activity and will gain many new friends.