Remember the Check-In Policy for Town Meeting!

Registered Andover voters will need to check in at Town Meeting to get an Andover Voter Card and a set of color-coded yes/no ballots. Check-in for Town Meeting will start at 6 PM.

During the meeting, if a show-of-hands vote becomes necessary, cardholders will vote by raising their voter card in the air. Only hands holding a current voter card will be counted.

For a ballot vote, a voter simply shows their Andover Voter Card to the ballot clerk and casts the appropriate colored yes/no ballot they were given at check-in.

Each ballot vote will have a different colored ballot card. This procedure should speed things along!

“Remember,” Moderator Jon Mishcon cautions, “you only get one Andover Voter Card and one set of yes/no ballots. If you lose them, they can’t be replaced.”