A Heartfelt Thank You To Jon Mishcon and David Blinn

By Janet Moore

To the residents of Andover,

Jon Mishcon served for the last three years as town moderator. The moderator’s job is not an easy one. He has to run an efficient town meeting according to parliamentary rules and New Hampshire State RSAs. The business of the town must be moved forward in an orderly way, allowing participants time to speak their minds and giving each warrant article a satisfactory resolution after questions and discussion. As those who attend town meetings know, there’s a delicate balance involved, and Jon has led us through three successful gatherings with expertise, grace, and humor. Many, many thanks to you, Jon.

David Blinn stepped onto the select board with the aim of getting the job done, whatever it was. He was skilled at reaching out to all parties, helping to achieve consensus, and moving ahead, all for the good of the town. He made visitors feel welcome and treated everyone fairly. Through interactions with the public and other town entities, he remained courteous, enthusiastic, and well-meaning, while maintaining a necessary objectivity. A heartfelt thanks to you, Dave.

Janet Moore