A Welcome and A Thank You From The Town Office Staff

Goodbye to the former Select Board; hello to the new one

By Marjorie Roy
Andover’s new Select Board: (left to right) Todd Goings was elected to replace David Blinn, whose term as a Select Board member expired; Michelle Dudek was appointed to fill a Select Board vacancy, as was John Kinney. Photo: Marj Roy

Town Meeting has come and gone, and now it is time to say goodbye and thank you to Dave Blinn, whose term expired.  We also say thank you to Chuck Keyser and Bill Keyser, who have resigned from the Board of Selectmen. These three Board members put their hearts and souls into their Select Board responsibilities. They spent countless hours working on projects as well as tending to the everyday operations of the town.  We thank them all for their time and dedication.

It is also time to welcome the new Select Board: Todd Goings, Michelle Dudek, and John Kinney. They are eager to learn the intricacies of town government and we look forward to working with them. Welcome aboard.

Jon Champagne will serve as the Town’s road agent for the next two years. Jon has served in this capacity before and knows the roads and their histories. Welcome aboard Jon, we look forward to working with you.