Jon Mishcon Steps Down as Moderator; Gives Suggestions

Explains what is needed to help and recruit moderators

By Jon Mishcon

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as moderator for the past couple of years. I note there were no new candidates for moderator. At the training session I attended, a number of the experienced moderators spoke about the difficulty of recruiting new blood and the increased time commitment.

Please consider the following suggestions that others are using in this difficult time:

a) Split the voting session from the deliberative session. Have the deliberative session on a Saturday. This is not SB2. This is called a bifurcated town meeting. You still vote on the warrant articles during the deliberative session. It reduces the risk of the 16 hour day. This requires a warrant article and would take effect the year after passing.

b) Elect both a moderator and an assistant moderator. Train both. If something happens to one the other can cover. It allows one or the other a break during the 12 plus hour days. This does not require a warrant article.

c) Pay both the moderator and assistant moderator more.

I was honored to provide my service at no charge. There will be no time for me to help out in the coming year.

Thank you.
Jon Mishcon