Planning Board Minutes (approved) – January 28, 2020

By Lisa Meier

Members present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Art Urie, Vice-Chair; Randy Monti; Doug Phelps; John Hodgson, Dave Powers, Dave Blinn, Ex-Officio and Donna Duclos, Alternate

Also present for duration of appropriate item: Pat Moyer, Planning & Zoning Administrator, Jon Champagne; John Bentley (agent for Jon Champagne); Chris Seufert (attorney for applicant); Web Stout (FWS Land Surveying); and Jeff Raymond

Teach opened the meeting at 7 PM

Minutes of 01-14-2020 – Unanimous – Vote to approve

Minutes of 01-21-2020 – Unanimous – Vote to approve

Champagne Application

Review and Act on application for Jon & Joanne Champagne; Chris Champagne, and Jeff & Kelly Raymond for a Site Plan Review for the installation of a gravel and stone excavation and sales business at 235 Salisbury Hwy and 424 Bay Road in Andover, New Hampshire, Tax Map 4, Lots 443/37, 507;61 and 493:37 in the FA District.

Powers recused and Duclos was appointed to his position. The board reviewed and made a few updates to the potential conditions should the application be approved. Stout presented a revised plan indicating changes and revised notes.  A Wetlands Permit from New Hampshire DES for fill is needed. Duclos asked what would happen should the permit be declined and the response was New Hampshire DES will be contacted ahead of time. The Zoning Board of Adjustment conditions from their approval were added to Stout’s plan. There being no further discussion, Urie made a motion to approve the application for installation of a gravel and stone excavation and sales business at 235 Salisbury Highway and 424 Bay Road in Andover, and Site Plan Review with conditions prior to commencing operations as presented with the following conditions:

1. The applicant have a blasting plan prepared by the blasting contractor and reviewed by Aries Engineering;
2. The applicant complete an application for an Alteration of Terrain Permit (AOT) to the State of New Hampshire and submit the application and the States response to the Planning Board;
3. The applicant will cooperate with any Town of Andover authorized parties sent to monitor the operation on the site;
4. The applicant will plan work so that all commercial traffic to and from the site will only be via the Route 4 access previously approved by the State of New Hampshire;
5. The applicant will file for a wetlands permit with Department of Environmental Services Wetlands Bureau;
6.  In accordance with Section XIIA of the Town of Andover Excavation Regulations, the applicant will provide a performance bond, which shall be submitted to the Andover Board of Selectmen with sufficient surety as determined by the Board of Selectmen to guarantee the reclamation of the area in compliance with the permit and any other required inspections. The Planning Board recommends a performance bond in the amount of $25,000;
7. The plans and revised plans will be received by the Andover Planning Board prior to commencing work on the site.

Completeness and Review for Subdivision / Condominium for Andover Main Street, LLC with Art Urie as agent, for 164 Main Street, Tax Map 19, Lot 628,252 in the Village District.

Urie recused and Duclos was appointed to his position.  Urie presented a plan for the proposed subdivision. The board was concerned as to whether there was enough road frontage to subdivide. Urie stated this would create a two-unit condo – one as the Post Office with parking and septic, and one as the Real Estate building. The only common area would be the driveway.  Four parking spots in the parking lot will be for the Real Estate building and there are spots in the rear of the Real Estate building for the tenants. The lease with the Post Office is a twenty-year lease with two renewals available. The Site Plan Review Application was reviewed, and the board determined it needed to change the definition of a “condominium.”  The board also stated that boundaries need to be established.

There being no further discussion, Phelps made a motion to adjourn at 9 PM.  Urie seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of adjourning.

Submitted by,

Lisa Meier,
Recording Secretary