New Andover Residents Are Greeted With Welcome Bags

Helpful resources include map, business directory, other

By Caroline Ratzki, Andover Service Club

In these difficult times, as I worry about loved ones and miss the activities we took for granted just a few weeks ago, I am sustained by the strength of our community. I know that if my husband or I were to get sick, there are friends and neighbors who would drop off groceries on our porch and help out in any way they can.

Over a decade ago, when we were viewing the house we bought on Maple Street, I was delighted to see people wave as they drove by. I think that moment sealed our fate!

Throughout that summer of 2009, neighbors walked up our driveway with gifts of cookies or produce from their garden. We fell in love with Andover.

We were quickly roped into some of Andover’s many clubs. It’s a great way to meet people! My first club was the Andover Service Club. It was founded in the 1950s, to serve people in the community and state and to broaden the social and intellectual life of its members. Membership is open to all women in Andover and surrounding communities.

The Service Club supports many local organizations, maintains the town gardens, runs the Thrift and Gift Shop, provides scholarships, and more. We meet monthly from September to June. Currently, the Service Club is working on the relaunch of a Welcome Bag program to greet new residents.

Welcome Bags

The bag contains information about businesses and organizations in town, with gift certificates and a map. Also included is a Business Directory which lists the phone numbers of town offices and other important services.

Andover is a great place to live, and being involved is a great way to build community. The Service Club welcomes new members. Contact the president, Sandra Graves, at 735-5531 or

If you’re new to town, or know someone who is, please contact one of us, and we’ll be glad to deliver a welcome bag once life returns to normal. Caroline Moulton Ratzki,; Margo Coolidge,; or Ellen Langlais,