April Services and Events Uncertain for South Danbury Church

COVID-19 leaves schedule up in the air for now

By Linda Wilson
Historic view of the South Danbury Church, courtesy of Alison Buckwell

Before the COVID-19 crisis, we were anticipating a busy April at the church:  weekly Sunday worship services at 11 AM, followed by refreshments and conversation; the Easter Happy Hour on April 3, our traditional Maundy Thursday service on April 9, the Easter Sunrise service on April 12, and the first event of our Spring Speaker Series on April 17, “Lowdown on Eating Local” presented by Donna Huntoon of Huntoon Farm in Danbury.

It’s uncertain now (mid-March) to predict when public gatherings can resume, so we will do our best to use social media and email to keep everyone updated. If you would like to receive our weekly e-mail news, or to be notified of church events, please let us know with a short message to southdanburychurch@nullgmail.com, or a text message to 491-3196.


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